Swim Lessons

Beginners will learn simple breath holding techniques. They will learn how to blow bubbles out of their mouth & nose, and they will learn how to do bobs. They will also learn how to kick with a kick board and float on their backs.
Advanced Beginners:
Advanced beginners should already know everything stated in the beginners description. This group will begin to learn freestyle and backstroke.
Intermediate students will be expected to know how to perform all the skills from the previous two groups. This group will continue to learn freestyle and backstroke, and they will also be introduced to breaststroke and butterfly. They will also practice drills for all four strokes.
Advanced students will be expected to know how to perform the four swim strokes. This group will learn how to swim all four strokes with a stronger technique in order to prepare for moving onto the swim team if they should choose to do so.
Session Dates and pricing:
For information regarding session dates, registration, and private lessons pricing please see a club employee.